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UPDATED Warzone Season 5 Delayed and Vanguard Reveal Incoming

Written by Stakester
11 Aug, 2021

Looks like you’ll be enjoying Season 4 for a little longer than we thought, but you can still play Warzone for money and prizes!

Warzone Updates: Activision has confirmed that Season 5 of Warzone and Cold War is delayed due to a testing issue that was discovered a little late! The delay will only be a 24 hour one, and you can expect to see the next season dropping August 13th. We also had some more exciting Vanguard leaks with the Cold War Season 5 files: scroll down to see them with our other Vanguard news!

Vanguard Updates: There were plenty of new leaks that came our way last night, including new maps, a Zombies storyline and a historically accurate campaign — that’s exactly what we love. The Season 5 files of Cold of War revealed some art that may be used as the box art for Vanguard: and these images seem to confirm that Vanguard is the official title (for now).

As we all know, Season 5 of Warzone was due to drop on August 12th. As the excitement reached fever pitch, the trailer for Cold War and Warzone graced our screens on the 3rd. The trailer revealed a new operator called Kitsune, as well as a mysterious mind-control device that has yet to be explained! Either way, we were all getting locked, loaded and geared up.

According to recent reports which have caused a serious storm on Twitter, there’s a chance we’re about to see an unexpected delay. It’s possible that in the run-up to announcing Call of Duty: Vanguard, a few more wrinkles need to be ironed out before Activision can release the next season. Rest assured, a statement is coming — so stay frosty and keep your eyes peeled.

Speculation around this delay came early this morning when our favourite Warzone accounts — including @xMrGodz on Twitter — began posting an image of the Season 4 battle pass reset that appeared to have been extended by an extra day.

It has also been reported that the images on Activision’s website – which featured an explicit date – have now changed to a vague “Available this week” message. While this is still speculation and doesn’t necessarily point to a delay, some fans seem to think that a sneaky change in plans is afoot. 

In the meantime, Black Ops: Cold War Season 5 seems to be dropping right on schedule. The pre-load has already dropped on consoles, so if you have your controllers handy you can get a head start on downloading the stages of Season 5! Those early playing hours could give you a huge advantage on the competition when the bulk of Warzone players start flooding in, so get ready!

Included Season 5 of Cold War is a confirmed free content update that includes our favourite Zombies mode. We can think of worse things to do while waiting for the new season to begin. Get ready to take on new heights and new fearsome challenges in the face of the undead. 

While we wait for an official statement from Activision, you could always brush up on the latest leaks we collected from the next Call of Duty game: the rumoured Vanguard. Keep your ears to the ground around August 19th, because it might just be the day we finally get our first taste of Vanguard.

In case you didn’t take a look at our leaks, we might just be returning to the glory days of WW2. Early leaks and industry insiders have been leaving us little breadcrumbs in this trail towards Vanguard, and we’re hoping for a continuation to World at War!

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Keep your eyes peeled for any new updates regarding Vanguard on our blog, or by following us on Twitter.

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