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We give a sh*t about YOUR opinion! 🗣

Written by Stakester
16 Oct, 2020

We need you to give us super honest feedback, so that WE can make Stakester better for YOU!

You should know by now that here, at Stakester, we really do care about our community and everything you have to say – and that’s why we need your help!

Basically, we want to know everything! Which games you love to play, the games you want to see on Stakester, who you follow on social media, what content you would you like to see from us and everything in-between. Heck, we even want to know the times of day you play! And no, not to be creepy, but because we want our community all hyped AF on the app during the same hours, so that EVERYONE is having a grand ol’ time, battling head-to-head with worthy opponents.

So, it’s time to have YOUR SAY! Follow this link to our Typeform survey, where you answering those 10 quick and easy questions will help us out in a BIG way! Not to mention it’ll massively help make your Stakester experience one hell of a lot better! So do us a solid and get answering. And if you want to help us out even more, feel free to share this feedback page with your mates – after all, the more you help us, the more we can help you!

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