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What your favourite place to drop in Warzone says about you!

Written by Stakester
28 May, 2021

Unfortunately for some, all drop zones were not created equally. There is a big difference between dropping in at Superstore and dropping in at Lumber, and we all know it…

We’ve put together a short list – think of it as a COD: Warzone horoscope – that will tell you exactly who you are, based on exactly where you land. It’s basically science.

Disclaimer: Stakester does not take responsibility for any stick your mates might give you after reading this.


We’re just gonna get this one out of the way. Yes you land at Superstore, yes you’re good at the game, stop gloating and move along. 

Just wait until we bring a car in there again!

Your Warzone personality: The Bragger – If your team doesn’t know you usually land at Superstore at the start of the game, they definitely do by the end of it! 


Are you lost? Or you must be new to the game? If you’re actively choosing to spend your time in this area of the map then you’re going wrong. There’s an unwritten rule in Warzone: only go to Promenade if the zone makes you, and even then, don’t stay! You’d have much more fun visiting the nearby Train Station or Hospital, so try that out next time.

Your Warzone personality: The Wanderer – we don’t quite know how you ended up here, but please carry on the search for a decent landing spot.

Storage Town 

This small area of the map doesn’t get the praise it deserves. Tucked away next to popular areas like Airport and Superstore, it’s often easy to overlook this gem of a landing zone. So, if you land here then we salute you! The fighting is fast, intense and a lot of fun, with the potential for the chaos to spill out onto the rooftops; if this is your dropzone then you have some serious skill.

Packed with tight areas for close quarter fighting, Storage Town has provided us with some unbelievable scenes. Check this guy out:

Your Warzone personality: The Underdog – Yes, you might not get the reputation of the people who land in “tougher” areas, but you can still hold your own. The enemy shouldn’t be surprised to meet you in the final zone!


Personally, we don’t see the appeal. But if a quiet and peaceful life in the countryside is for you, then you go for it. What we will say is Farmland can begin to hot up towards end-game, and if you’re in amongst the carnage from the start then we’ll take back anything we ever said about this sleepy area of the map!

Your Warzone personality: The Retiree – your heyday was back in the years of Modern Warfare 2, since then you’ve decided to leave the rough and tumble to those young’uns. You seek a quieter life, with a bit of land, maybe even some chickens?

Was your landing zone mentioned? Let us know which areas to include in part 2!

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