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When is the new Warzone map coming out?

Written by Stakester
8 Oct, 2021

Plus we answer your questions: how many people play Warzone, is Warzone Cross Platform and more.

Season 6 of Warzone is finally upon us, and it will be the last season before the next instalment, Call of Duty: Vanguard hits the shelves. However, there are still some burning questions you might have about our favourite battle royale game — and we’re here to answer them.

When is the new Warzone map coming out?

We’ve been living and dying in Verdansk since the very beginning, and even though we got Rebirth Island (a smaller map) we wanted something more. For all of us who are ready to take things up to the next level, we can finally rest easy knowing there’s a new map on the way. Season 6 will be the last time we see Verdansk, so enjoy it while you can!

It was confirmed back in September that we would see a brand new map for Warzone by the end of the year. We were teased with images and short clips about a mysterious new map called the Pacific during the Vanguard multiplayer reveal. We’ll be dropped into a brand new map, filled with hidden beauty and an entirely new experience. Vanguard will signal the beginning of the Pacific in time for Warzone and Vanguard’s integration.

How many people play Warzone? 

As of April this year, the team at Activision confirmed there were over 100 million players worldwide logging into Warzone. How many times can you fill the Gulag with that number?!

One year later, Warzone has made history with it’s explosive popularity – and it didn’t do a bad job of keeping players sane (and probably driving a few insane!) during lockdown. It really has changed the series of Call of Duty forever: dragging it back into relevance in a way that didn’t really seem possible.

Is Warzone Cross Platform?

Warzone can be played on every console from PC to Xbox and Playstation — and the best part is that it’s cross platform. That’s right — you’ve met PC, Xbox and Playstation players from all across the world.

It doesn’t matter where you play from, or how you play, you can log into Warzone with your squad every time! You can play with your friends across different devices: even if you decide to try Warzone on PC you’ll find your account just as you left it on your console.

Do you need PS Plus to play Warzone?

The best part about Warzone is that it’s free to play: you can rise through the ranks to your heart’s content and get your friends involved. This also means that you do not require PS Plus to enjoy Warzone — the same goes for Xbox Live Gold. 

However, if you are a PS Plus subscriber you will have access to free Warzone packs that you can grab every so often if you’re lucky enough to catch them! 

Drop into Season 6 now!

Now that your questions have been answered, there is still time to land in Verdansk and fight for your victory this season. Take in the sights while you still can, before the beauty of the war-torn Pacific becomes the new home for Warzone.

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