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Which Overwatch hero are you? Let’s find out!

Written by Stakester
26 May, 2021

You probably have a go-to character, but have you ever wondered if you’ve got it wrong? What if you’re a Tracer, not a Mercy at heart?

Is there anything better than winding down with a game of Overwatch? You can probably set up the game without even thinking now – as you’ve settled in with your character of choice. But, there might just be another hero that suits you better than you realised. Your true calling could really be Reinhardt, or maybe even Moira – but how can you find out?

The answers are in our handy Overwatch personality quiz!

Put your gaming intuition to the test with our Overwatch hero quiz. You can find out which Overwatch hero you truly are; tell us about your strategy or how you like to make your entrance. Don’t be shy and embrace your inner hero. 

Make sure to share this Overwatch quiz with your fellow teammates so they can find out who their true self is. Your companion could secretly be a natural healer!

Who are you wishing for in the Mystery Duel?

Step into the arena for a 1v1 Mystery Duel on Overwatch. You can’t choose your character and there’s only one objective: kill to win. Not familiar? We’ll give you the lowdown.

In an intense match with a single opponent, a random hero is selected that both players must use. The objective is to kill your opponent five times in each round. If nobody has been killed after 2 minutes then an area will be marked, and after 30 seconds that area becomes a capture point. The first to capture that point will be given the win for that round. After a player wins five points, the game is theirs.

Thirsty for some more content?

Did you know that the Overwatch League prize pool this year is a mind-boggling $4.5 million? We know because it says so on our list of the largest prize pools in eSports. If that has piqued your interest, and you’d like to learn more – check out our brief history of gaming tournaments.

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