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Which Street Fighter character are you?

Written by Stakester
22 Apr, 2021

Is your true calling the power of the Hadouken, Lightning Kick or a Shoryuken? We can help you figure that out.

Nothing says ‘fun’ like sweating over a battle with your best mate in Street Fighter. We all have our own favourite characters, and it’s no surprise that we see a little bit of ourselves in them. While you’re mashing a combo, your true personality comes through – and the results may surprise you.

Find your true calling with our Street Fighter personality quiz!

Test your true fighting spirit with this handy Street Fighter quiz. You know you’re a warrior in our eyes whatever the result – but maybe you’re really a Ryu, or you were born to be Blanka. Make your elders proud and embrace who you truly are!

Don’t forget to share this Street Fighter personality quiz with your friends – see if you match, or you’re perfect opposites.

Test your skills on Street Fighter with Stakester

  1. Download Stakester.
  2. Select Street Fighter V, your platform and set your entry fee.
  3. Match with an opponent or a friend.
  4. On Street Fighter V, select your 1v1 mode and your character of choice.
  5. Game on, and be the first to win.
  6. To verify your win, upload an image of the final score and receive your rewards

Why play with Stakester?

The Stakester app allows you to win money and prizes by playing your favourite games like Street Fighter V, Call of Duty, FIFA or Rocket League. We get it: it’s a fresh concept, so we’ve put together a crash course that explains who we are and how we work, as well as this list to help set your mind at ease.

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