Which Warzone Player Are You? Find Out Now!

We all have an idea of which player we are on Call of Duty: Warzone. But lets face it, that idea is more than a bit bias; even though we all think we’re the Rambo of the squad, raining hellfire with our machine guns in every Warzone match, the reality is we all bring different personalities and performances to the team.

Here at Stakester, to celebrate the Season 2 update, we’ve decided to end your identity crisis once and for all by releasing a Warzone personality quiz. Now you can get the definitive answer to whether you are the pro or the noob of your team. Don’t forget to share with your friends so they can find out which Warzone player they are too, but keep an eye out for them lying on their answers!

Try it out:

The player archetypes in our Warzone quiz have been around much longer than CoD’s battle royale mode. Yourself, your friends and the millions of players that have enjoyed the shooter franchise over the years, from modern warfare to black ops cold war, will probably fall within one of these categories. That’s part of what makes this game special; be it on the PS3 or the new Xbox Series X, we all still enjoy it in the good old fashioned way!

So how can you win money and prizes by playing Call of Duty: Warzone I hear you ask?

  • Download the Stakester app.
  • Select Warzone from our list of games and set your entry fee.
  • Match with an opponent and battle it out!

Stakester’s Warzone format is a 1v1 kill race in duos, get more kills than your opponent before you both die and you win! To verify your win, simply upload a photo of the final team leaderboard. 

a PS5 player

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