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Play League of Legends for money and prizes on Stakester

Written by Stakester
14 Apr, 2022

If you made it this far, you probably want to play League of Legends for money and prizes – we can help!

League of Legends welcomed you to the rift with open arms, and yet watching those esports games can make you feel a bit envious you’re not up to par with the champions. If you’re searching for something outside of the basic team matches, you can dial it up and make your games more interesting. Put your skills to the ultimate test and you could win money and prizes playing League of Legends on Stakester.

We’re calling on all of you – no matter what class you play – to the arena. Stakester gives you the chance to take on your mates or a random opponent. In League of Legends, you’ll be able to destroy your opponent in the Howling Abyss; simply destroy the enemy Nexus first!

How to play

In a few simple steps, you could be taking on opponents in the arena! Once you’ve downloaded the app, select your console and then navigate to the games tab. From there, you can select League of Legends and choose the prize you want to play for.

Why play on Stakester?

We’re the biggest skilled competition gaming app around, and the experience you have on our app is paramount! All you have to worry about is selecting which video game you want to play and which prize you’ll battle for, from there, we’ll take care of all of the matchmaking for you, meaning you can focus on securing that W!

Every time you play League of Legends for money and prizes – win or lose – you’ll earn Gems. You can redeem these Gems to get amazing prizes in our prize store. You can save up for everything from a month’s Netflix subscription, to Beats headphones and iPhone 13s; with Stakester, you’re always playing for something!

If you enjoy playing with us, then why not join our community? You can follow us on all social media, including Twitter and Instagram, that’s where you can keep up to date about what we’re up to!

So, start winning prizes and making money by playing LoL today!

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