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Win money and prizes playing League of Legends on Stakester

Written by Stakester
18 Mar, 2016

Want to win money and prizes playing League of Legends on Stakester? We’re here to help.

League of Legends welcomed you to the rift with open arms, and yet watching those esports games can make you feel a bit envious you’re not up to par with the champions. If you’re searching for something outside of the basic team matches, you can dial it up and make your games more interesting. Put your skills to the ultimate test by downloading the app, and you could win money and prizes playing League of Legends on Stakester.

We’re calling on all of you – no matter what class you play – to the arena. Stakester gives you the chance to take on your mates or a random opponent. In League of Legends, you’ll be able to destroy your opponent in the Howling Abyss; simply destroy their Nexus before they do!

Winners take home the ultimate glory – money, prizes and a place in the Stakester army. So to join the community of champions, simply follow our instructions on how to get going:

  1. Download the app.
  2. Select League of Legends, and set your entry fee.
  3. Match with an opponent or a friend.
  4. On League of Legends, select ‘1v1 Draft Mode’ and your character of choice.
  5. Game on, and try to smash your opponents Nexus.
  6. To verify your win, upload an image of the final score and receive your rewards.

Why play on Stakester?

We know that winning money and prizes through gaming is quite a new idea and you might think there are some risks involved. So, we want to invite you to try our app, no strings attached! Your first game is free to play, and if you win you take home a free prize.

Every time you play – win or lose – you’ll earn ⭐. You can redeem them to get amazing prizes in our prize store. This way, we make sure that you always play for something.

If you enjoy playing with us, then why not join our community? We don’t just want to enable enhanced competition, we want to create a family of gamers – so feel free to link up with us on all of our social media pages and join our Discord channel.

What are you waiting for? Back yourself and download the Stakester app. Challenge anyone and play your favourite games today to win money and prizes. Take home the glory and rise to the top!

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