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Play Street Fighter V for money and prizes with Stakester!

Written by Stakester
10 Mar, 2022

Want to play Street Fighter for money and prizes on Stakester? Follow this guide!

We’re sure that the Street Fighter fire is still burning strongly within you – even with the Street Fighter VI teaser trailers coming out – and we’re here to encourage that fighting spirit of yours! But, did you know you could dial up the excitement by playing Street Fighter V for money and prizes on Stakester? Whether you’re a secret pro or a button basher, join the the action today, we know you’ll love it!

It’s time to take a break from single player story mode. We want to see your chain combos and overheads in the arena, so set up a quick game against another Street Fighter fan just like yourself! Whoever you’re facing, the winner is the player who comes out on top after 3 rounds.

Simply follow the instructions to get going:

  1. Download the app
  2. Select Street Fighter V, your platform and set your entry fee
  3. Match with an opponent
  4. Game on, and be the first to win.
  5. To verify your win, upload an image of the final score and receive your rewards!

What are the rules?

The rules for playing Street Fighter V for money and prizes are simple:

  1. Set rounds to 3
  2. Set time to 99
  3. The winner is the first to win 1 game (best of 3 rounds)

Character select is on, so feel free to bring home the prizes using your favourite characters!

Why play on Stakester?

Win or lose, every time you play on our app you earn Gems. These Gems are redeemable in in our Prize Store for things such as a month’s subscription to Spotify or Netflix – if you are a fan of the grind and want to save up, then they can even be used to buy iPhones and Pelotons! This way, we make sure that you always play for something.

So, it turns out that play video games can get you somewhere in life, who woulda thought?!

What are you waiting for?

Get the Stakester app now and find extra battles to test yourself in. Start putting you Street Fighter skills to good use by playing this fighting game for money and prizes!

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