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*UPDATED – Winter Wildcard Swaps explained: release dates

Written by Stakester
17 Dec, 2021

The FIFA 22 Winter Wildcard Promo gets better and better! Leaks say we’ll get swaps tokens for doing objectives. Thanks to @MitchTrading, @Leqwah and @Kadoh_EU for the info 🙏

We’ve got everything you need to know about Wildcard Swaps explained: from timings to player SBCs.

Weekend Update

We are into the first weekend of Winter Wildcards and it is popping off! The market is crashing, the SBCs are coming thick and fast and the hype is building for Team 2.

Pack weights not promising

If the content creators are anything to go by, Winter Wildcards are hard to pack. With heavy icon swaps packs available lots of people are trying to bag a high value promo player, but the pack weights appear to be against us. The lesson is to be careful with your heavy packs and remember that there will be other promos where they can bag you a higher value item.

Player SBC Watch

On SBC watch so far, we’ve seen Zaha and Djibril Sow, with Goran Pandev expected to arrive on Sunday (alongside another Mid Icon SBC!). There’s a 6 day limit on these SBCs, so we recommend sitting back and seeing what comes in before you spend your fodder.

Market Crash

If you have any high-value gold meta players or out-of-pack promo cards, you might’ve noticed their value is falling fast. Gold Mbappe has gone from 1.3m to just over a million coins in the best part of a week – and we think he’ll continue to fall. It might be a good time to sell and recover him when he drops lower (he went down to around 800k this time last year).

Token Tracker

We all received the first token just for accessing FUT, and there are now two tokens available from SBC challenges (with some good packs on offer too!) You can get your hands on the fourth token by completing the Jr Messias objectives – and you’ll get your hands on his Winter Wildcard item – perfect for completing those Brazilian Icon Swaps objectives.

Junior Messias Objectives

You should be able to complete these within ten matches on Friendly Frost – remember everyone, golden goal means we all get what we need faster.

The breakdown

Another week, another promo in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. The Winter Wildcard Release date is finally here – soon we’ll be getting more than just the loading screen.

FIFA 22 Winter Wildcards Predictions are out the window, because the cards have been leaked already, but excitement has come in the form of a new swaps promo, going back to the glory days of FIFA 19.

Extra Swaps for Christmas

Winter Wildcards drops on Friday 17 December, but there’s more to come! On the 26 December, Winter Wildcard Swaps are coming to FUT. We can earn up to 24 tokens, with players, fodder packs and one 10×85 pack on the cards. 

We now know that the Winter Wildcards Event will feature daily SBCs, the first of which should be Crystal Palace’s Wilfried Zaha, an LF card with 5* 5* and some good stat boosts. If you want to complete him, make sure you have fodder ready for 6pm GMT today when the promo drops.

@Kadoh_EU’s breakdown

If you run the Bundesliga or Premiership, then Gunter and Patson Daka represent two very usable options. FUT Vs Shulz is already a good, cheap option for Bundesliga LBs, but Gunter’s potential for better physical stats means he could be a good option to play at CB. Daka looks seriously good, with top tier pace and good shooting – making him well worth the grind.

As usual with swaps, there’s a lot of value in the packs. If you can earn 15 and get that 10×85 pack, you’ve got a heavy pack for any promo you’re really excited about (one to save for TOTY!) The lower value packs will be good for fodder too, especially with some exciting daily SBCs on the horizon.

@Leqwah’s leaked cards

The leaks are coming thick and fast ahead of the promo, with Neymar, Coman, Fabinho and Pogba all out in the open. We’ve also got a usable Modric and even an Adel Tarrabt (the streets won’t forget). 

If you don’t pack one of these at the weekend, don’t despair – the new swaps element of the promo means you’ll have loads of objectives and SBCs to complete, plus there’s always Icon Swaps if you want to relax and take it offline. 

And the daily Squad Building Challenges should throw up some great players, just follow your friendly neighbourhood content creator’s advice on which ones to do.

What else is on the way?

Rumours of a Party Bag style SBC are all over Twitter, giving everyone a chance to pack a high level promo card (let’s be honest though, most of us won’t – and thinking you will is the FUT equivalent of still believing in Santa Claus). No word of who will be in those daily SBCs yet, but if we look back at last year, we have good reason for high expectations.

Last season, FUT Freeze SBCs gave us LB Adama Traore, ST Aouar and CAM Gnabbry, all of whom were seriously OP and a lot of fun to use. If Wildcards can live up to that level of hype, FUT players are in for a very happy Christmas.

Thanks for reading Winter Wildcard Swaps explained – and happy holidays!

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