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Winter Wildcards Team 2 leaks: Ibra, Tierney, Eden Hazard

Written by Stakester
21 Dec, 2021

After an amazing FIFA 22 Winter Wildcards Team 1, Team 2 looks just as good if not better! @FUTSherriff has all the info…

All we want for Christmas is… Winter Wildcards Team 2

We’ve got another cracker on the way, with Team 2 in the Winter Wildcard Promo. With loads of meta players on the list, it’s hard to know who to be the most excited about! We’ve got Flashback flashbacks, new Gullit Gang members and a solid variety of leagues and nations: so let’s get into it! Ahead of the release date on Friday, here’s @FUTSherriff’s FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Winter Wildcards Team 2 leaks.

Easy as Zlat

Just look at this card! Zlatan Ibrahimovic with pace is a FUT players’ dream, as his physical and finishing stats are always going to be high level. Serie A is emerging as the cheap beasts league, so you should be able to link him to an OP squad without breaking the bank. 

If these predicted stats are even close, he’s going to be one of the most fun STs in FIFA Ultimate Team. Physically dominant, skilful and a good finisher – if those pace stats come through he’s going to be beasting you in FUT Champs in no time.

Hazard returns

Both IRL and on FIFA, this man could be the biggest disappointment in world football over the last two years. After an amazing spell at Chelsea earlier in his career, the Belgian has been turned into the type of glass that stunt-men run through in movies since moving to Real Madrid. 

But, if he is included in the WW promo as revealed by FUTSherriff, then we’ve got a usable Hazard back again! @WeaverImBMWM4er (try saying that after a few pints!) was quick made the link to his iconic POTM card – and they’re right: anyone who loved that card will be trying to snap this one up.

The LB your Prem team needs

Arsenal fans, you’re going to like this one! Kieran Tierney has consistently been one of the best LBs in the Premier League over the last few seasons, and it looks like EA Sports are finally ready to give him the special card he deserves.

Great pace, defending and physicals will make him extremely hard to get past on the wing – and those passing stats won’t hurt either! If you like to get your fullbacks up and down the field, he’s a great candidate. You can see him working well in a 3-5-2 in game, too. Thanks @TrustyFUTTrader for the info on this one!

Arise, king of the rats

Just when Signature Signings Ben Yedder thought the crown was his forever, we’ve got another pretender to the throne. If you’re like us, you break out in a sweat just remembering Allessandrini’s Flashback item from FIFA 21: he’s probably the most unpredictable random dribbler the game has ever seen. 

Well, he’s back. Luckily, he plays in China now so he’s almost impossible to strong link, but that French passport means he’s going to slot right into those meta French teams we all hate to face (full disclosure, I have one – I’m sorry). With an ST position change and top tier pace, this guy looks absolutely frightening.

And there’s Moura 

Lucas Moura is always a good bet for a solid special card, and this one looks super useful. CAMs need good dribbling, and then either good shooting or passing – and Moura ticks the latter box. You could play him up front, or as a goalscoring CAM who gets into the box.

With great Prem and Brazilian links, he’s a very versatile item that you can use to terrorise opposition defences. He’ll be pricey, but so will everybody on this list!

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