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FIFA 23 Leaks: new heroes, AFCON and what we want to see

Written by Stakester
13 Jun, 2022

It’s Monday, so it’s time for our weekly roundup of FIFA 23 news: we get a first look at Heroes Yaya Toure and Dirk Kuyt, AFCON will be playable, 12 stadiums added and confirmation of World Cup DLC.

This week has seen some really exciting leaks, with Manchester City and Liverpool Heroes confirmed for next season. Plus, confirmed Qatar 2022 DLC and the addition (finally!) of all AFCON teams! Thanks to FUT Sheriff, @FUTDonk and @FUTZone for all of the news for next year’s Ultimate Team. Let’s get into some new FIFA 23 leaks.

Yaya Toure

This year there were five heroes who stood out above the rest: Abedi Pele, Robbie Keane, Antonio Di Natale, Cordoba and David Ginola. In FIFA 23, Yaya Toure will join them in that top tier. The Premier League legend is tailor-made for FIFA: he’s massive, he’s quick and his dribbling and passing stats will be massive in the early game.

And it doesn’t stop there! Imagine a FUT Captains Toure in February! We’re calling it now, this is another member of the Gullit Gang incoming. The Heroes concept was a breath of fresh air this year and we can’t wait to see it evolve. Now EA Sports just needs to give Icons the same treatment. 

Ji-Sung Park

The man who pocketed Andrea Pirlo (he’s totally over it, don’t worry) is coming to FIFA 23. Park is a United legend and one of those Ferguson players who never seemed that good, but had a massive impact for a very successful team. It’s not hard to imagine him adapting to FUT either; he should have the perfect stat balance for a box to box midfielder.

Park is a perfect example of the type of player that FUT Heroes was designed to include: a cult hero who will never be forgotten by fans. His honours list is insane: he won four Premier Leagues, four League Cups, a Champions League and a Club World Cup title. Not bad for a “guard dog”!

Dirk Kuyt

From superstar, to an underrated club legend. Dirk Kuyt wasn’t the flashiest, he didn’t score 30 goals a season, but he was effective. He scored crucial goals throughout his Liverpool career – including one in the UCL final – and is another one of those players that FUT Heroes was made for. 

Leaks suggest he’ll be in FIFA 23, but it’s hard to imagine that he’ll be a top tier ST. He’s giving us serious FIFA 22 Solskjaer vibes already! Either way, if you’re a Liverpool fan you would love to have an untradeable version in your club. 


This guy could be very, very handy in the early game. Marchisio’s stat balance could make him the perfect destroyer in midfield. With good physicals, stamina and defensive stats he’ll be a nightmare to pass through. Plus, he should get ok passing and shooting, meaning he might score you a screamer or two going forward. 

Serie A is often overlooked in FIFA – even juicing the TOTS cards to the gills didn’t massively help the league this year. But, this is a chance for some representation from early on: we reckon he’ll be pretty damn solid. Anyone with 80+ across the board is going to be seriously good until Christmas. 

Rafa Marquez

One of the all-time classy CBs, Rafael Marquez would be a brilliant addition to FIFA. Famous for spraying ridiculous diagonal passes all over the field, he had an absolute rocket of a shot too. He was an all-around class act and he should be much sought after for his ability to play out of the back, or step into midfield and hit one from distance.

As always, the effectiveness of any CB item comes down to pace. Hopefully Marquez is on the power curve and usable, but it’s anyone’s guess until we see those crucial stats. What we can promise is great long shots and an awesome dynamic image from a long career at the very top.

Peter Crouch

Ok, we love this one: Crouch is not made for FIFA, but that OP heading will make him such a weapon from set pieces. We can already feel the rage of dominating a FUT Champs game, only to lose in the last minute from a Peter Crouch hat-trick of headers from corners. He has the potential to create some peak FIFA nonsense – and we can’t wait!

It’s hard to imagine he’ll be much good on the ball. Or off it, either. But if you learn how to cross he’ll be a really annoying weapon. You’ll be able to feel your opponent sweating and shaking every time you win a corner. Plus, it’ll just be so much fun to bring him on when you need a goal. And don’t forget the robot!

Confirmed World Cup DLC

The World Cup expansion is back! That means we’ll get players from national teams in a free to play downloadable version of FUT. Playstation, Xbox and PC players will be able to enjoy the crossplay test with updated versions of the superstars gracing the pitches in Qatar. 

We assume it’ll come with a couple of game modes: play the tournament, FUT and maybe even a pro clubs option (we can dream)! We loved the last World Cup mode – we think it’s a great feature of the FIFA gaming franchise and we’re happy to see it back. And probably for the last time. Pour one out, guys. 

AFCON has arrived

FIFA is a bit late to the party here, but Afcon teams are coming to a video game! We’re not sure whether this is just for the DLC, or whether they’ll be permanently available in other FIFA 23 modes. But, for now it’s worth celebrating either way.

Gameplay changes

This isn’t really a leak, but it’s so spot on we had to include it. What do you guys think? We had to play 12 games to qualify for Champs last week because so many players were quitting at 0-0. Surely it has to stop – let us know what you think on Twitter!

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