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Your low down on the Content Creators Cup

Written by Micah
22 Jun, 2022

As the Content Creators Cup quickly approaches us this Sunday, Stakester are proud to be powering the event as lead sponsor.

It is a crucial aim of ours to be involved in supporting both large- and small-scale events within the YouTube and TikTok scene. Championing the great content creators that we have in the UK and supporting them to be able to do what they love – providing us all with fun and engaging content!

Alongside this, we are grateful for the chance to help raise money for Cancer Research UK. Encouraging further awareness for the pioneering work they do in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer, benefitting millions of lives over the past 120 years.

We hope to build a lasting relationship with the event and creators taking part. So hold this space, as you may see some familiar faces from Sunday’s match grace the Tuesday Night FIFA show on our YouTube channel. Here is everything you need to know about the stars playing.


Chris MD

Boasting over five million YouTube subscribers ChrisMD has collaborated with both the biggest names in YouTube and Football. He appeared alongside the F2 Freestylers, Spencer FC and members of the Sidemen on The Ultimate Sunday League Footballer. Before bridging the gap between FIFA content creators and professional footballers, shooting videos with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Kevin de Bruyne and Cesc Fabregas. 

With so much time spent with seasoned pros, as well as being a veteran of the Wembley Cup, he will prove to be an experienced head in the dressing room and on the pitch.

Most viewed vid: THE SHOOT-OUT Ft. De Bruyne, Sterling, Sané & Caballero | Chris VS Simon


Morgz, once known for his FIFA content moved onto pranks, challenges, sketches, and vlogs gaining huge success. Famous for his 3 AM videos and viral pranks, he has amassed close to 12 million subscribers and at 6ft 4 will pose a large ariel threat up front against team Tiktok.

Most viewed vid: Spin the MYSTERY Wheel Challenge w/GIRLFRIEND!!

Danny Aarons

The king of “Champs Challenges” on Ultimate team game mode FUT Champs, Aarons started his YouTube channel in 2016. Since then, he has developed a following of over 750k, also gaining prominence through his collaborations with Bateson87. The Tottenham Hotspur supporting forward will be looking to emulate his Spurs idols in the Content Creators Cup on Sunday.

Most viewed vid: Opening bronze packs until I pack Miura


Another veteran of the Wembley cup, Reev represented Rebel in 2018 and will act as the reliable stalwart in centre back for Team YouTube. Best known for his FUT squad builder and pack videos. Reev is a huge fan of Borussia Dortmund, in particular Marco Reus, whom he has a miniature toy of dubbed Mini Marco who frequently appeared in his FIFA series called “Reus to Glory”.



Vizeh first gained popularity from his vlogs of hometown club Burnley. His FIFA gameplay and skit videos have also attracted a large number of viewers, as he closes in on hitting the 300k subscriber mark. The young claret will be looking to make an impact similar to Wout Weghorst up front for the Youtubers.



Zayn QF

With over 1.2 million followers Zayn QF has graced the likes of Elland Road in charity matches previously. At 6ft 3 the 20 year old will hopefully provide an attacking threat for team TikTok.

Most viewed tok: The worst kind of players in School

Luke Bennett

Coiner of the phrase ‘get out’ on TikTok, Luke Bennett has an army of 468k followers. His viral dance and football videos have made him a prominent figure in the UK TikTok scene. In July he will also be putting his fighting ability to the test, in a boxing contest against Ginty.

Most viewed tok: #BOSSmoves dancing on a bus


Despite Cal the Dragon saying that he resembles Giorgio Chielinni, Plute is more of a midfielder than a defender. With 235k followers on TikTok, you may recognise his wit and humour from various pack opening videos. He has also appeared on an episode of Tuesday night FIFA!

Most viewed tok: The weirdest game of FUT Champs

Tom Pratt

Known for his pranks on American strangers over video chat site Omegle, Tom is no stranger to going viral. But getting people to recite British phrases under the guise of a different meaning is only one of his talents. The TikToker is also a handy midfielder, as will be up for a challenge against an experienced YouTube side.

Most viewed tok: Name a country in Africa – questioning American’s geography


Recently hitting the 1 million follower count, FUTCrunch’s combination of FIFA and real life skill game content has seen him gain popularity on the platform. The streamer is also a useful source of insight when it comes to what cards have recently been released. As well as a slight resemblance with Bernado Silva, he will be hoping to play like him on Sunday.

Most viewed tok: Aguero – of course he chooses the GOAT up top

For more updates on how we are supporting the Content Creators Cup, click here.

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