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Stakester VIP Cheat Codes: the Stakester NFT project

Written by Stakester
11 Mar, 2022

Stakester VIP is the next step in our journey, allowing us to offer a whole new level of benefits to our users.

At Stakester, all we think about is winning. We want to smash the competition and create the biggest competition app in the world. Our app was designed with that in mind; we want to empower our users to win more and to be able to access that winning feeling on demand. So how does that bring us to a Stakester NFT?

Our founder, Tom Fairey, always asks the same question. “What can we do so that our users win when we win?” We’ve discussed it at length and we consistently arrive at the same point. That’s how we came up with VIP Cheat Codes.

Stakester VIP Cheat Codes

This NFT collection will give holders a brand new, elevated experience on the app. By linking your NFT to your Stakester account, you’ll gain access to these exclusive benefits and parade your Stakester VIP credentials at the same time.

Just as cheat codes unlocked a new playing experience in iconic video, VIP Cheat Codes unlock an app experience that puts you in an exclusive club. We all remember the feeling when we heard that you could get a 6 star Wanted Level on GTA. Or that you could make yourself a Sims squillionaire with a simple code.

Each NFT pass contains a unique cheat code from an iconic game title, scribbled on a piece of paper in unique handwriting – echoing the way that cheat codes were passed around classrooms and canteens in the pre-internet era.

How it works

There are two tiers of NFT pass available (one includes a rarer, special collection). Let’s break it down:

VIP Cheat Codes rarity and utility

VIP Cheat Codes

VIP Cheat Code holders can play for more money (imagine winning a $1000 competition!), get access to exclusive prizes and in-app communities – plus free entries into our mobile game tournaments. And this is just V1 – there is massive scope for more incredible benefits in the future.

Three versions of each cheat code will be created for each platform. By collecting all three, holders will be able to fuse their NFT passes to create a single, unique Legendary Cheat Code pass and access a higher tier of benefits.

Legendary Cheat Codes rarity and utility

Legendary Cheat Codes

Legendary holders will get all of the same benefits, plus a 50% royalty share from secondary market sales for the whole collection. The funds will be available on our forthcoming crypto app, which will be launching later in the year. Holders will also be able to withdraw from the currently available Stakester app for free.

Each pass features an iconic code from a famous title, giving the holder a chance to own a true piece of gaming history. The platinum look speaks to the premium nature of the benefits on offer and the rarity of these passes. 220 of these will be randomly allocating to buyers in the first mint.

Genesis rarity and utility

Genesis Cheat Codes

Finally, this is the ultra-rare collection of the first Legendary NFT passes to be minted. Genesis Cheat Code passes are numbered from #00001 to #00300. These passes have the same utility as other Legendary NFTs, but there will only ever be 300 in existence.

Each pass features one the most iconic cheat codes from the most famous titles in gaming history: we’re talking top shelf cheat codes like the Konami code. The Genesis pre-sale takes place on Tuesday 10th May, so make sure you get on the whitelist if you want to get your hands on one of these ultra-rare NFT passes.

The next step in NFTs

NFTs have had their share of bad press: from “It’s just a JPEG”, to “cash grab”. But, looking into the future of Web3, we can see huge application for NFTs. They can function as an online access pass that allows holders to access incredible, exclusive experiences that are unavailable to everyone else.

The nature of our existing app gives us the chance to offer really powerful utility to our users. And to create an NFT project that has value outside of the speculative value of each unique NFT. And this is just V1, we’re going to take this project to bigger and better places as the company grows.

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