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How to get a PS5

Written by Stakester
13 Sep, 2021

Still struggling to get the elusive PS5? You’re not the only one, and the bad news is that might not change any time soon.

Ever since the release of the PS5 back in late 2020, it has become one of the hardest consoles for any consumer to get their hands on. We previously talked about the issues regarding scalpers, the community and even the stock differences between the USA and Europe. 

Following the Playstation Showcase, and nearing the one year anniversary of release we’ve collected the latest news and updates regarding the stock and shortage. Not only that, we share how you can finally grab the console of your dreams.

Shortage until 2023?

The PS5 restock delay is still relevant nearly a year later: it was initially due to a worldwide chip shortage partially caused by the pandemic last year. This wasn’t only limited to the PS5 and seemed to affect other tech companies — and this might continue until the end of 2021 (not good news for us)!

There were reports last week that this shortage would continue into 2023 from a director at Toshiba, but there are plans to try and meet demand over the next three years. 

On the other hand, there are conflicting reports that this shortage might be over as Sony has apparently acquired a huge order of chips to meet demand. It may take time before this impacts the stock, but if they’re right we could see things getting a lot smoother in the next few months.

Image of a PS5

The end of Playstation 4?

If you’re as observant as we are in Playstation news, then you would know about the Playstation Showcase that was live streamed last week. It was an exciting evening of teasers and announcements galore, and it got us super excited for the future of Playstation.

However, for owners of their trusty PS4’s they noticed a severe lack of Playstation 4 titles announced in this showcase. Of the 18 games that were shown off, only 7 of those will be PS4 titles. This has led many to believe that Sony is ready to leave behind the PS4 and move forward with PS5 as their main focus. 

But, if you are one of those PS4 owners — don’t worry! The major titles will still be available to you in the future. Sony has shown that they are aware of their consumers’ love for their older consoles — they even cancelled the closure of the PS3 Playstation Store! You can rest easy knowing that you can continue to purchase your most wanted games.

Image of a PS4

PS5 Pro and new models

Those with their “Day One” consoles may be feeling a bit of envy due to reports of new PS5 models performing better than their launch models. The PS4 had a lot of issues with overheating in the older models and avoiding a repeat of this was an important part of the PS5’s design. Sony even created an easier way to open your console, and suck out the dust with a hoover (very ingenious)! 

Not only that, but according to a report we may see a PS5 Pro arrive in 2023. That means, for all of you who are having a hard time getting your console, maybe patience really is a virtue! If you’d prefer waiting around for more reliable models or a slicker console, it might be pay off in the long run!

Where can I get a PS5?

One of the easiest ways for you to get alerts for a PS5 restock is from news websites like the Independent or Techradar, who both have live updates on stock drops and news. These are updated very frequently by a dedicated individual so you’ll never miss out on the alerts!

Another popular website is Stock Informer, which is available for both UK and USA consumers. Stock Informer also has a special channel you can join on Discord which will alert you in-app and provide a link to the website which has a stock drop.

If you’re an avid Twitter user, then you can also track these stock drops by following some of these accounts. For our UK readers, you can follow @PS5StockAlertUK or @PS5UKStock — or if you’re in the USA there’s @PS5restocks_etc and @PS5StockUpdates (which includes Canada and the EU). 

Our in-house expert (who got their PS5 in February) has some important advice for you console hunters: “Community is key when it comes to getting your console. Don’t be afraid to get to know fellow gamers – they are a great source of tips. Plus, you might make some new friends along the way.” Good luck out there!

Ready to play?

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